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Corte de baile Novio Hasta el suelo Tul Vestido de novia con Volantes Fajas Cuentas Los appliques Encaje Flores (002013803)

ID del articulo #002013803
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Precio regular: 320.80

Precio:   329.32
Desde: 1 unidad(es)   
  • Ingrese sus detalles para confeccionar este producto a su medida individual.
    Por favor tenga presente que cobramos un costo adicional de € 19.03 para esta confección personalizada. Convertidor de pulgadas a centímetrosCómo medir

    (pulgada)*Requerido, por ejemplo 34.50
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    Para compensar la altura de los tacones añadiremos un extra de 5cm (2 pulgadas) a los vestidos hasta el suelo o con cola.

  • * Todos los vestidos de novia que sean pedidos el día de hoy serán enviados después del día 05/10/2019, y llegarán a destino después del día 10/10/2019.
  • 329.32
  • Unidad(es)

Comentarios de clientes:

de Meredith2013-06-18 02:29:29Reseña destacada
Last week I received my parcel .it arrived 3 days earlier than i thought. when i opened the box,it really gave me a big surprise.lovely dress,better than in the picture.i give 5 stars.
de Nydia2013-06-18 01:30:14Reseña destacada
I received the parcel half an hour ago,and after i tried it ,i found it fits me’s a miracle.i didn’t think it would be so nice.Thank you all!
de Cherry2013-06-18 01:18:16Reseña destacada
good day! This dress is lovely. and it looks exactly as it does in the photos. Very well made. The workmanship is amazing! I love the dress so much! Thank you Jen JenHouse!
de JESSIE2013-05-30 03:16:34Reseña destacada
The dress is beautiful and I love it. I love the color, it matches my wedding very well. And the flowers are sewed on the dress. I love them. I am considering order 6 other bridesmaid dress from you.
de Sunny2013-05-30 03:10:04Reseña destacada
How nice the dress is ! I am so satisfied with it !!!!! I received my wedding dress in time and it really fits me very well. Everyone says that I am so beautiful in it. Impressed me a lot ! Thank you ~~~
de oliga2013-04-20 18:21:56Reseña destacada
everything is OK....i was so suprised because i paid so little but receive so nice a dress!!!!the beads are just same like the picture, and the flowers is so cute..I LOVE IT!!
Thank you JennyJoseph.....i cant wait to wear it!!!
de Jane2013-01-28 23:07:27Reseña destacada
I ordered this dress December 18, I got it within three weeks. I was so excited to put it on that I tried it that night. The dress was incredible! So well made, beautiful fabric. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for making me so happy! I will order again and again and I have already recommended you to all my other friends!
de **2013-12-26 06:26:35Reseña destacada
I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago, and it was customized and delivered from China to Norway in 7 days!!! I had several questions about the dress, and got answers from them quickly. They sent me pictures of the dress in different colours, and recommended other dresses as well. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

The dress is amazing, and looks very good on. Looks just like the picture.

Thank you so much for all of the help and an amazing dress!
de Caroline2013-08-22 00:35:13Reseña destacada
Thanks a million for providing me a brilliant dress. You help me save a lot of money by offering me a much cheaper dress than those in physical stores but is of high quality. love you guys.
de LATOYA2013-08-14 08:55:48Reseña destacada
I must say I was worried that my wedding attire would not be what i ordered or faulty in some way as I have read on other reviews, BUT I am pleased. It fit perfectly.
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